Pope John Paul II



Totus Tuus

A Private Academy

in the Catholic Tradition 



We have updated our school uniforms to more closely adhere to the PJP2A school colors (Red, White, Blue, and Gold).  Uniforms help our children to view one another as equals, eliminate distractions of socio-economic status, and remain focused on education instead of fashion fads.  

​To read our detailed uniform and grooming policy please click here.


PJP2A Lands' End Store:  

Please see the Lands' Ends store to view our official uniform selection.  If you do not want to create an account with Lands' End, simply click "Shop Now" below the "Save School" button.  

Alternative Uniform Suppliers:

Please know that we do not wish for our uniform policy to present an economic hardship on our families. Lands' End is our official school uniform provider, but we allow families to purchase uniforms from any company as long as the clothing conforms in style and color to our model uniform.  (You can have our school logo printed on uniform shirts through Lands' End.) 

We do wish to emphasize that only athletic shoes will be permitted during the school day. Appropriate flat dress shoes must be worn for Mass days.   

Other Suggested Uniform Providers: Educational Outfitters     

PJP2A allows navy blue hoodies with the PJP2A insignia. If you prefer, navy blue hoodies are acceptable without the insignia as well.  These may be worn in the buildings, but the hoodies must remain off the heads.  

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