Pope John Paul II


  Pope John Paul II Academy​           67051 Sunnyside Rd.           Montrose, Colorado 81401           (970) 249-2996           copyright popejohnpaul2academy.com

What Does Faith Formation Entail?

  • Daily Morning and Noon Prayer
  • Weekly Mass
  • Daily Faith Instruction 
  • Yearly Service Projects 
  • First Confession and Communion Sacrament Preparation (For Catholics - usually occurs in second grade)

Pope John Paul II Academy         67051 Sunnyside Rd.         Montrose, Colorado 81401         (970) 249-2996         copyright popejohnpaul2

A Private Academy

in the Catholic Tradition 


Totus Tuus

Faith Formation

We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children. We support their effort to help their children become Disciples of Christ as we provide a Catholic world view in all aspects of our curriculum.

We believe in education of the total child to his or her maximum potential, and we provide a climate wherein each child can achieve the intellectual optimum, a breadth of aesthetic appreciation, and an understanding of their responsibilities and privileges as members of cultural, civil, religious, social, and academic communities.