A Private Academy

in the Catholic Tradition 

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Academic Excellence.

Academic excellence is achieved first through ensuring we have qualified, dedicated, and caring teachers who take seriously the duty and responsibility of assisting parents in educating each child. The principal and staff regularly collaborate, review, and modify the curricula and academic standards to ensure that children are being provided appropriate, high quality, and rigorous academic formation. Classrooms are kept at small, manageable sizes to ensure that children can receive the individualized attention needed to flourish in their learning.

Classical Culture.

Postmodern American educational ideology is often pretentious in its flawed assumption that "new is always better," discarding the time-tested traditions and practices of classical civilizations, both Western and global. Within the past half-century, we have witnessed the unfortunate trend within public and many private schools to be constantly jumping on the latest philosophical "bandwagons" in terms of curriculum, testing, and overall academic formation.

Lost in a sea of relativism, educational systems have abandoned the pursuit of truth grounded in objective reality in exchange for fragmented "personal preference" models that lack unity and cohesion. Results indicate that this has left our children floundering without a sense of ultimate purpose, lacking the knowledge and skills they need to fulfill their created potential by becoming the best version of themselves.  

In the midst of this cultural crisis, PJP2A seeks to provide children with an effective, rigorous, holistic educational foundation that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Classical education empowers students to pursue truth, goodness, and beauty by expanding each child's capacity to think critically and independently. Children are inspired to love the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, rather than merely seeing education as a subservient means to some short-term end (e.g. job training).  

In the long run, a classically oriented education provides children with a personal and academic advantage because they understand how to soundly apply their faculty of reason and to pursue truth independently as lovers of authentic knowledge. Far more than just another educational option, classical education grounded in a Judeo-Christian worldview provides learners with an objective reference point that has withstood the test of time.   


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