Totus Tuus

a Private Academy in the Catholic Tradition

Exceptional (Not Common) Standards.

Please note that we do not believe in adopting and applying the Common Core Standards and curricula since we do not have a practice of joining educational "bandwagons."  Please click here to see the Archdiocese of Denver Standards for Catholic Schools which we have adopted and follow.  

Classically Oriented.

Modern educational practice is often pretentious in its flawed belief that "new is always better."  Unfortunately, we have witnessed a modern trend within our educational system wherein schools are constantly jumping on philosophical "bandwagons," adopting the latest curricula,  and standardized testing.   This trend has not proven to provide our children with a better education.  

As such, we wish to expose children to a method and program of education which is proven to be effective and rigorous.  Classical education is a philosophy which directs one to pursue truth, beauty, and goodness, forming the child's capacity to think critically and independently.  Children are meant to become inspired to love the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, rather than merely seeing education as a means to some other end (e.g. vocational training).  

Ultimately, a classically oriented education will provide children with an educational advantage since they will understand how to soundly apply their faculty of reason and to pursue truth independently as a lover of knowledge.

Academic Excellence.

Academic excellence is achieved first through ensuring we have qualified, dedicated, and caring teachers who take seriously the duty and responsibility of assisting parents in educating each child.  The principal and staff regularly collaborate, review, and modify the curricula and academic standards to ensure that children are being provided appropriate, high quality, and rigorous academic formation.  

Classrooms are kept at small, manageable sizes to ensure that children can receive the individualized attention needed to flourish in their learning.