Pope John Paul II


Totus Tuus

  Pope John Paul II Academy​           67051 Sunnyside Rd.           Montrose, Colorado 81401           (970) 249-2996           copyright popejohnpaul2academy.com

A Private Academy

in the Catholic Tradition 

Pope John Paul II Academy         67051 Sunnyside Rd.         Montrose, Colorado 81401         (970) 249-2996         copyright popejohnpaul2academy.com

Special Classes

As part of our regular course of studies, students participate weekly in music class and in art class.  Along with having them learn about the beauty of music and art, we believe tapping into this side of our students enhances their overall education and their individual academic learning.


Our middle school students participate for one quarter in woodworking with a local woodworker. 

Poetry Cafe

To celebrate National Poetry Month in April, our Academy hosts a an annual event for students and classes to showcase their ability to recite a memorized piece of poetry.  Coffee and refreshments are served for our parents and audience members. 


Art Show and Auction

We present a yearly art show that highlights some of the best work from each student  This is often in conjunction with the Poetry Cafe. Parents and guests may bid to purchase pieces of artwork. 

In 2020 we were invited to have a month-long show of art work done by our students at the Montrose Public Library.  

Christmas Program

The entire school population participates in presenting a musical play to celebrate the birth of our Lord. This gives every student experience reciting, singing, and dancing on stage.​