PJP2A's Response to the COVID-19 Virus

Pope John Paul II Academy Mission Statement:

The mission of the Pope John Paul II Academy is to assist parents in the spiritual, moral, and intellectual formation of the child by providing a Christ-centered education, which fosters a deep love for Truth and faithfully adheres to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church..

 Student of the Month for

Intermediate School

N.G. always tries her best, even when a subject or concept is hard. She uses her creativity to make new things and spends her spare time reading or making art. N.G. is great at cheering her peers up and tries to include everyone. She is positive and gets her work done without complaints. N.G. is a valuable part of the third grade class! 

3rd Grade Teacher

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We are an independent, private academy in the

Catholic tradition offering Pre-K through Eighth grades.

​Located in the scenic mountain valley of Montrose, Colorado,

the academy was founded in 2008. In October 2013, the academy moved into its 16,000+ sq. ft. facility which includes 10 classrooms, a library, and a full sized gym on twenty acres of land. In 2014, the

school received full accreditation from NAPCIS (National

Association of Private, Catholic, and Independent Schools).

The faculty is a dynamic, faithful team of committed Catholic

Christians living for God's greater glory as we strive to live the

New Evangelization inspired by St. Pope John Paul the Great.

 Student of the Month for

Middle School

C.D. is a bright student who is not afraid to speak her mind. She works diligently in mathematics and brings important insight to discussions in literature class. C.D. is a good friend, and loves to play sports with her classmates at recess and P.E. Despite the challenges of this school year, C.D. has shown tremendous personal and academic growth. I am happy to name C.D. as the Middle School Student of the Month for the end of the school year!

Middle School Teacher

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School Calendar 

Offering K4 through Eighth Grades

Students of the Month

​​The past few months with Covid-19 have impressed upon us the importance of having our students learn in person.  That being said,

we also are dedicated to providing a safe environment in which your student can learn.  We have implemented several procedures to help

make Pope John Paul II Academy as safe as we can.

* Students will wear masks as they move inside the building.

* Desks are separated in the classrooms so that students may be seated and learning mask-free.

* The facility’s touchpoints are disinfected multiple times a day.

*Students are encouraged and required to wash and sanitize their hands throughout the day.

*Students are separated into pods.  Each pod works independently of other pods to lessen the possibility of exposure to other students

throughout the day.

*If a student in our school has Covid-19, our hope is that only their pod will be quarantined.

Our school has also taken measures to be able to provide online learning in case a pod needs to quarantine.  If students need to stay

home because of the virus, we will be providing online classes to keep them up to speed.

We are so grateful for the support we received from our families these past few months and are taking extra measures to help keep us in

our facility this academic year.

Student of the Month for

Primary School

I am pleased to recommend K. for Student of the month. In the classroom, he is helpful to other students when they need something. He will offer anyone extra supplies if they need them. He is pushing himself to learn cursive and is doing quite well with it. K. is very artistic and wants to jump in whenever there is an art project. He is a very spiritual and deep-thinking person. He has developed a more positive outlook this year, too. He is also very energetic and a fun person to know! 

2nd Grade Teacher 

Pope John Paul II


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A Private Academy

in the Catholic Tradition 

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