Totus Tuus

a Private Academy in the Catholic Tradition

Playground Initiative:

Update:  We have received a $69,000 grant from the Colorado Health Foundation to build a new playground structure!  Thank you for everyone's generous support in this cause!  We are using the funds raised independently (donations given online or to the school) for additional enhancements to our playground and outdoor development project.  You should see the new playground under construction in May of 2018.  

Several articles link increased fitness to increased test scores, lower obesity rates, and overall better health. Currently our playground consists of one climbing dome, a basketball pad, and a small play structure which is in poor condition. Our students would benefit tremendously from a playground with commercial grade equipment designed for school playgrounds. Students would benefit in terms of test scores, better health, and the chance to play on safe equipment. Pope John Paul II Academy strives to make the education of students affordable to parents, and thus relies on a great deal of fundraising. We need help from our supporters to make our playground a reality. 

Our fundraising site for this cause (YouCaring) features the designs for three similar playgrounds, and three different vendors. Cost estimates for shipping and installation run between 58 thousand and 68 thousand. These fees are inclusive of everything except permits, levelling, utility location, and disposal of old equipment. Our goal is to remove the little tykes structure which is in poor condition, which is shown next to the climbing dome in the second picture.

Thank you from,
Pope John Paul II Academy Parents, Students and Staff