Totus Tuus

a Private Academy in the Catholic Tradition

2018 - 2019 Calendar & Charges

MonthBase Charge for Whole Month
August$50 (50% discount)
November$90 (10% discount)
December$75 (25% discount)
January$75 (25% discount)
March$75 (25% discount)
May$90 (10% discount)
Pay in Full for 10 Months
$800 (extra 6.5% discount)

After School Program

Overview:  All PJP2A students from grades K-8 are welcome to participate in our after-school program.  The hours are from 3:00 – 5:45 p.m., Monday-Friday.  Students must be picked up no later than 5:45 p.m.  

Basic Routine

A small snack will be provided to students after school.  Next, children will be given about an hour for the completion of their homework and will then have activities or free play afterward.  


The school library is the central location for our after-school program.  Always come to pick up your children there first.  A sign will indicate if the children have moved outside (or other location) to play.  

To enroll, families must complete a registration form and submit payment to the school office prior to attending the club.  

2018 - 2019 After-School Enrollment Fees

After School care for one calendar month*$100*
Sibling Care for one calendar month**$50
5-day regular punch pass
Homework hour punch pass (5 uses per month)***

*Price may vary by calendar month (See chart to right.)

**Monthly base charge discounts do not apply to sibling rates or punch passes.  

***There is no longer any sibling discount for punch passes.  Homework hour passes entitle the child to 1 hour and 15 minutes of time in the after-school program per use.  They are meant especially to accommodate those who are participating in extra-curricular events at school such as band, sports, etc.  


​Regular enrollment forms will be sent out in the Wednesday folders so that you can sign up for any week or month.  Payments should be given to the school office directly.  Checks are to be made out to Pope John Paul II Academy.  Be sure payment is marked for after-school fees.  A fee will be assessed for late pick-up.  A cap of 20 students will be accepted per month.  Families may pay ahead for numerous months.  

After school club policies can be read online here.